City of Gillette


210 E. 5th Street
Gillette, Wyoming


(307) 686-5200

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Minimum Requirements


  • Intel® Pentium® III or greater processor
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended for complex forms or large documents)

Internet Access

High Speed internet access is recommended. Image sizes range from 130 kb to several Mb depending on the number of pages.

Web Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Common Problems

Web Browser Settings

Your web browser must have cookies enabled.

If using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to your Tools menu. Select Internet Options and click on the Privacy tab. Either click on the Default button or manually slide the bar down to "Medium" and click OK.

If using Google Chrome, go to your Menu, and select Settings. Scroll down, and select Show advanced settings... and click on the Content Settings... button. Select the "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" option and click Done. Then close the settings tab.

If using Firefox, go to your Tools menu. Select Options and click on the Privacy tab. Select the "Accept cookies from sites" checkbox and click OK.

If using Safari, go to the Safari menu. Select Preferences and then select Security. In the "Accept Cookies" section, select Always.

Searching Tips

You can perform searches by entering one or more pieces of information about a document. For example, if you know the date range of a Council Meeting, you may enter it. Alernatively, you may search for an Ordinance or Resolution by searching for their assigned number. You may also search via text to view results based on the contents of the document. The more information you enter, the more focused the search results will be.

Document Type

If you would like to see only certain types of documents, you can uncheck the 'Search All Types' box and then select the type of document from the list. You can select multiple types by holding your ctrl or shift key down while clicking.

Text Searches

The Text Search field will search for words that appear in the contents of a document. The field will search for text in the order you entered it. For example, if you enter:
City Park
The system will return documents with the words "city park", but not results with "Park City".

Wild Cards

The * character is a wild card character. It can be used in both Basic searches and Advanced searches. It can be substituted for any other character or characters. For example, if you enter:
The system will return documents with the words hydrant and hydration. This can be useful if you are unsure about spelling, especially of names.